Sesame Slaw with Garlicky Seitan



6 cups shredded red cabbage

1 cup shelled edamame

1/2 cup shredded carrots

Optional: Additional salad fixings, per preference, such as red peppers


3 T rice vinegar

2 T miso

2 T water

2 tsp agave nectar

1 tsp siracha

2 tsp fresh ginger, minced


1 lb seitan, sliced into strips

4 cloves garlic, minced

Salt, to taste


Sesame seeds


In a large bowl, mix salad veggies.

Mix all ingredients for the salad dressing in a small blender; blend until smooth.  Pour over salad and mix thoroughly.  Save some of the dressing to drizzle on top.

Saute the seitan and garlic in a non-stick pan until lightly browned. 

Plate the salad and then top with seitan. Drizzle some dressing on top and sprinkle with sesame seeds.


I made a double batch of dressing so I had a little extra for drizzling.  I probably only needed 1.5x. 

The original recipe called for sesame oil in the dressing (not needed), and for sautéing the seitan (not used). If you don't have a non-stick pan, you might need a smidge of oil.


Modified from Isa Does It