Ice Cream

Prep Notes

In order to make this ice cream, you need to have sliced and pre-frozen ripe bananas.  The recipe calls for 2 bananas, but the recipe is flexible. Just add more / less of your other ingredients.


2 bananas, pre-sliced and frozen

Optional additions:

peanut butter (approx 1/2 cup)

strawberries or other berries (approx 1 cup)

cocoa or cacao powder or chips (approx 2 T powder)



Add frozen bananas, and any desired additions, to your food processor and blend until smooth. You will need to periodically stop the processor and scrape down / spread the ice cream (frequency depends on how frozen the bananas are).

Once smooth, serve immediately, or put in the freezer to harder more.


This really does taste like ice cream!  My family loves this treat!